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Optional: Wednesday 1 June - Gelderland

On Wednesday we offer an optional full-day excursion to the east of the Netherlands where we will visit three castles with a rich history and lots of in situ art. We will start our trip at the train station of Deventer from where we will head to Kasteel Cannenburch. The first mention of the castle is made in 1365, but today’s castle was built in the sixteenth century on the ruins of the medieval building. This keep of three stories was commissioned by Maarten van Rossum, field marshal in the service of Charles, Duke of Guelders. The castle remained in the Van Rossum family for over 300 years and the collection has mostly remained the same since 1750. Kasteel Cannenburch has been managed by Stichting Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen  (Foundation for Guelders Landscapes and Castles) since 1951 and has been open to the public ever since. 

The second house we will visit is Verwolde House in Laren. The first mention of a stately home on this location was made in 1346, but the current neoclassical house was built in 1776. From 1777 onwards it belonged to the Van der Borch’s of Verwolde for five centuries and is fairly recently transferred to Stichting Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen. After conservation of the neoclassical stucco in the hallway, the painted wall hangings in the Chinese Room and the special interiors, the Van der Borch Family Foundation and the Stichting GLK have brought back historical objects, known from inventory’s, to the House.

After lunch we will continue our day trip to Kasteel Biljoen (Biljoen Castle) in Velp. This exceptional castle is normally closed for public viewings. We are very grateful that the current inhabitants offer CODART members the exclusive opportunity to visit their home. Kasteel Biljoen was built between 1492 and 1438 by Charles, duke of Guelders. In the eighteenth century the castle was rebuilt by the family Van Spaen into its current state. The inspiration for this dramatic rebuilding of Biljoen came from Italy and is reflected in the exceptionally well-preserved hall with original Vedute di Roma stucco. Please find more detailed information about Biljoen Castle here. From Velp we will bring you to Arnhem Central Station where you can take a train back to Amsterdam for the opening of the HNA conference, or continue your journey elsewhere.


Arrival at Deventer train station and board coach
09:00-09:30 Travel to Cannenburch Castle from Deventer train station
09:30-10:00 Arrival Cannenburch Castle with coffee and tea and a word of welcome by Saskia van Haaren, team leader Museums & Collections, Stichting Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen
Introduction to Cannenburch Castle by Marieke Knuijt, curator Stichting Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen and visit to the castle
Travel to Verwolde House
Arrival at Verwolde House, introduction to the House and its collection
Visit to Verwolde House
12:55-13:00 Travel to Restaurant Witkamp, Laren
13:00-14:00 Lunch at Restaurant Witkamp, Laren
Travel to Biljoen Castle
14:45-15:00 Arrival at Biljoen Castle and word of welcome by Mr. M.E. Heersink, MD
Visit to Biljoen Castle
16:00-16:30 Travel to Arnhem Central train station and end of the program

A PDF-file of the program can be downloaded by clicking here.

Extra Fee

There is an extra fee for this full-day excursion, which includes entrance to all locations, transport by coach from the station of Deventer to the two locations we will visit and to the final stop at the train station in Arnhem, coffee/tea break, and lunch. Members and Associate Members pay 65 euros. Patrons pay 95 euros. There are limited spaces available for both Members and Patrons to participate in this excursion.


Travelling from The Hague to Deventer is at your own leisure and to be booked individually. We advise you to travel from The Hague to Deventer by train on Tuesday evening, but it is also possible to take an early train on Wednesday morning. A direct train runs every hour from The Hague Central Station to Deventer and takes approximately 1,5 hours. You can find the timetable and prices on the website of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railway). Here you can also book your tickets.

A direct train runs from Arnhem to Amsterdam Central Station or Schiphol Airport every half hour. For those who wish to attend the opening of the HNA conference in Amsterdam on Wednesday evening, we have left enough room after the program to travel back from Arnhem to Amsterdam and make it on time.


If you stay in Deventer on Tuesday and/or Wednesday evening, this is at your own leisure and to be booked individually. Two hotels that are situated close to the train station and the city center are Fletcher Hotel Gilde and Royal. Many more options can be found online, for example via

If you have any questions about this event, please contact the CODART office:
Moos Engelbertink, event manager