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The CODART TWEE network

Events referred to:

  • CODART TWEE ALPHA, planning meeting held in Amsterdam on 30 November and 1 December 1999
  • Pre-CODART TWEE reception, Rijksmuseum, 14 March 1999
  • Congress at Felix Meritis, Amsterdam, 15-16 March 1999
  • Study trip to St. Petersburg (17-21 March 1999) and Moscow (22-24 March)

* = member of CODART
N.B. Contact information is from 1999 and may be out of date.

Amsterdams Historisch Museum
Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, St. Petersburg
Felix Meritis, Amsterdam
Prof. Egbert Haverkamp-Begeman, New York
Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis, Amsterdam
Instituut Collectie Nederland
Koninklijk Paleis, Amsterdam
Kunsthistorisch Centrum
Kunstkamera, St. Petersburg
Museum Pavlovsk, Pavlovsk
Nationale Stichting De Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam
Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg
Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow
Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie, The Hague
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Royal Netherlands Embassy, Moscow
St. Petersburg International Center for Preservation, St. Petersburg
State Museums of the Moscow Kremlin, Moscow
Stichting Cultuur Inventarisatie, Amsterdam
The State Hermitage Museum. St. Petersburg
The State Museum Tsarskoje Selo, Pushkin
The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Voyage & Culture, Amsterdam

P.O. Box 162
3600 AD Maarssen
t +31 346 580553
f +31 346 580554

Mr. Gary Schwartz*, Director

  • Main organizer of CODART TWEE.

Mr. Henk van der Walle*, Chairman of the Board
Bisschopstraat 16
7513 AK Enschede

  • Attended ALPHA.
  • Participated in congress.
  • Participated in study trip.

Dr. Paul Huvenne, board member
Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten
Plaatsnijderstraat 2
B-2000 Antwerp
t +32 3 238 7809
f +32 3 248 0810

  • Attended ALPHA.

Amsterdams Historisch Museum
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 359
1012 RM Amsterdam
t +31 20 523 1822
f +31 20 620 7789

Renée Kistemaker, Deputy Director

Norbert Middelkoop, Curator

  • Attended ALPHA, provided introductions.

Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Moika 11
St. Petersburg 191186
t +7 812 315 0197
f +7 812 314 8188

Mr. J.C. Henneman, Consul General
Mr. J.P. van Straten, Consul
Ms. N.H. van Renselaar-Jurriëns

  • Offered assistance for logistics, visa problems and travel arrangements for ALPHA.
  • Facilitated communication with Hermitage throughout the entire process.
  • Invited participants in study trip to concert in the theatre of the Hermitage on 20 March, followed by reception at which we met many relations of consulate in the cultural world of St. Petersburg.
  • Presented copies of booklet published by the Consulate-General, “Banden tussen het Russisch Keizerlijk Huis en het Koningshuis der Nederlanden.”
  • Invited CODART to participate in Window on the Netherlands manifestation in St. Petersburg in September 1999.

Felix Meritis
Keizersgracht 324
1016 EZ Amsterdam
t +31 20 626 2321
f +31 20 624 9368

Mr. Steve Austen, Director

  • Spoke welcoming address at congress on 15 March, held in the monumental cultural center of which he is director.

Ms. Marjolein de Heus, Catering Manager

  • Organized refreshments and meals at congress.

Mr. Peter van der Hoop, Business Manager (since February 1999)

  • Coordinated practical arrangements at congress.

Ms. Els Ottenhof, Business Manager (until February 1999)

  • Made initial agreements concerning arrangements for congress.

Prof. Egbert Haverkamp-Begeman*
Institute of Fine Arts
1 East 78th Street
New York, NY 10021-01778
t +1 212 772 5800
f +1 212 772 5807

Keizersgracht 642
1017 ES Amsterdam
+31 20 624 8935

  • Attended ALPHA, helped give shape to congress and study trip.
  • Delivered first keynote address at congress on 15 March.

Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis
Herengracht 518
1017 CC Amsterdam
t +31 20 639 0747
f +31 20 624 2541

Mr. Jurn Buisman, Chairman

  • As director of Foreign Investment Promotion Centre of Russia (Benelux office) as well as of the Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis, hosted the closing reception for the congress, on the evening of 16 March.

Mr. Lucas Bonekamp, Associate

Instituut Collectie Nederland
Postbus 76709
1070 KA Amsterdam
t +31 20 3054 545
f +31 20 3054 500

The Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage, the organization which founded CODART and provides it with institutional backing.

Mr. Rik Vos*, Director

  • Issued invitations to Russian museum directors and curators to participate in CODART TWEE.
  • Addressed pre-CODART TWEE reception in Rijksmuseum, 14 March. (Was unable to attend the congress itself.)

Ms. Nina Duggen, Advisor for Cultural Management

  • Assisted at registration.
  • Took minutes of members’ meeting.

Mr. Wim Jacobs*, General Manager

  • Secretary-treasurer of CODART.
  • Shares responsibility with Gary Schwartz for the organization and activities of CODART.

Ms. Floor Kok, Management Associate
t +31 20 3054 506

  • Assisted in preliminary preparations.
  • Assisted at registration.

Mr. Peter van Lieshout, Financial Administrator

  • Supervised finances and made payments.
  • Arranged for reimbursement of costs of speakers and participants from East and Central Europe, covered by a separate grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Mr. Max Meijer, Head of Communication and Information Department

Marry de Zwaan, Communication and Information

  • Wrote and distributed press release

Koninklijk Paleis
Postbus 3708
1001 AM Amsterdam
t +31 20 624 8698
f +31 20 623 3819

Ms. Jacobine Huisken*, Head of Educational Service

  • Extended invitation to CODART TWEE for admission to and tour of Royal Palace.

Mr. Eymert-Jan Goossens*, Educational Curator

  • Arranged for guided visit of congress to Royal Palace on Tuesday afternoon, 16 March.

Kunsthistorisch Centrum
Egelantiersgracht 161
1051 RH Amsterdam
t +31 20 626 5490

Mr. Ad van der Blom, Director

  • Offered walking tour of Amsterdam for participants in congress, 14 March, led the tour personally.

Universitetskaya Nab. 3
St. Petersburg 199034
t +7 812 218 1412
f +7 812 328 0811

Ms. Anna Radziun*, Curator of the Ruysch and Seba Collections

  • Guided the study trip through her museum, received us in her office for tea and cookies.

Museum Pavlovsk
Ulitsa Revolutsi 20
189623 Pavlovsk
t +7 812 460 6325
f +7 812 470 2155

Ms. Ludmila Koval, Deputy Director

  • Received study trip in her museum.

Ms. Elena Razdoburdina, Curator of Library

  • Guided us through the museum and the Rose Pavilion.

Ms. Nina Stadnitchuk*, Curator of Paintings

  • Showed us notable Dutch paintings, especially a copy by Matthijs Naiveu of a mystical allegory of the creation by Dominicus van Wijnen, the Dutch and Hebrew inscriptions of which we transcribed and translated.

Nationale Stichting De Nieuwe Kerk
Gravenstraat 17
1012 NL Amsterdam
t +31 20 626 8168
f +31 20 622 6649

Mr. Ernst Veen, Director

  • Chaired small but vital preparatory meeting in fall 1998.
  • Recommended Voyage & Culture as travel agency.
  • Introduced director of CODART to Mikhail Piotrovsky.
  • Spread goodwill with regard to project.

Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
P.O. Box 25000
2700 LZ Zoetermeer
t +31 79 323 2323
f +31 79 323 2320

Mr. F. van der Ploeg, State Secretary for Culture

  • Approved grant for travel costs of speakers and attendees from Eastern and Central Europe.
  • Attended pre-CODART TWEE reception in Rijksmuseum.

Mr. P.J.C.J. Mulder, Head of the Bureau for International Cultural Policy

Peter Schreiber, Bureau for International Cultural Policy

  • Approved grant for travel costs of speakers and attendees from Eastern and Central Europe.

Peter and Paul Fortress
Petropavlovskaya Krjepostj 3
St. Petersburg 197046
t +7 812 238 4518
f +7 812 238 4243

Mr. Boris Nazaertsev, Chief Curator

Ms. Natalia Senko, Deputy Director
t +7 812 238 4750
f +7 812 233 0360

  • Received us in the fortress, arranged for outstanding tour of church and museum of the history of St. Petersburg.

Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts
12 Volkhonka Street
Moscow 121019
t +7 095 203 6974
f +31 095 203 4674

Dr. Irina Antonova, Director

  • Approved full participation of Pushkin Museum in CODART TWEE, ordered necessary arrangements.
  • Delivered second keynote address at congress, 15 March.
  • Facilitated visit of study trip to the Pushkin Museum.

Dr. Xenia Egorova*, Curator of Flemish Painting
t +7 095 203 5809

  • Attended ALPHA, was of vital help in selection of topics for lectures at congress.
  • Spoke at congress on 15 March on “The Gothic Hall of Prince Paul Viazemsky.”
  • Received study trip in the Pushkin Museum on 22 March, showed us permanent collection of early Netherlandish and Flemish paintings as well as part of the reserves, pointing out works from the Viazemsky collection.

Dr. Viktoria Markova, Curator of Italian Paintings
t +7 095 203 6965

  • Guided study trip in museum on 20 March, showing non-Netherlandish collections.
  • Conferred with study trip participant Andrew Moore concerning his reconstruction of the Walpole Collection.

Dr. V.A. Mishin, Deputy Director

  • Spoke welcoming address in the name of Dr. Antonova to study group on visit to museum, 20 March.

Ms. Inna Orn, Department of International Relations
t +7 095 203 5809

  • Facilitated communication in preparatory stages, greeted us in museum, 20 March.

Prof. Dr. Vadim A. Sadkov*, Head of the Department of European and American Art
t +7 095 203 9587

  • Attended ALPHA, was powerful proponent of Pushkin participation in CODART TWEE.
  • Delivered lecture on “Dutch and Flemish paintings in Russian provincial museums” at congress, 15 March.
  • Received study trip in Pushkin printroom, 20 March.
  • Brought out special materials for and conferred with study trip participants with special research projects: Fritz Koreny on early Netherlandish and German drawings, Thea Vignau-Wilberg on Rembrandt school drawings.

Dr. Marina Senenko*, Curator of Dutch Paintings, Department of European and American Art

  • Attended ALPHA.
  • Spoke at congress, 15 March, on “Moscow art collections formed in the late 19th century and their fate in 1918-1924.”
  • Received study trip in museum, 20 March, showed permanent collection of Dutch paintings and, most especially, the reserve collections which she told us she loved, a sentiment we could well understand.

Ms. Zelvira Tregulova, Assistant to the Director for International Contacts
t +7 095 203 9587
f +7 095 203 4674

  • Facilitated contact with director throughout.
  • Greeted study trip in museum, 20 March.

Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie
Postbus 90418
2509 LK Den Haag
t +31 70 333 9777
f +31 70 333 9789

  • The RKD is a prime partner and constant source of advice and cooperation in all activities of CODART.

Dr. Rudi Ekkart*, Director

  • Attended ALPHA.
  • Spoke at congress, 16 March: “Russian collections of Dutch and Flemish art in art history in the west.”
  • Announced RKD priority program devoted to Russian provincial collections

Mr. Jan van der Starre, Head of Computerization Department

  • Spoke at congress, 16 March: “The RKD Computerization program.”

Charles Dumas*, Chief Curator

  • Participated in study trip for the RKD.

Postbus 74888
1070 DN Amsterdam
t +31 20 674 7000
f +31 20 674 7001

Prof. Ronald de Leeuw*, Director general

  • Hosted pre-CODART TWEE reception in Rijksmuseum, addressed gathering.

Dr. Jan Piet Filedt Kok*, Director of Collections

  • Initiated plan for reception in Rijksmuseum.
  • Attended members’ meeting, 16 March, announced willingness of Rijksmuseum to cooperate with CODART on bicentennial symposium on changes in taste in Dutch art, between April and early June 2000.

Royal Netherlands Embassy
Kalasny Pereulok 6
Moscow 103009
t +7 095 797 2900
f +7 095 797 2904

Mr. Jan Hesseling, Counsellor for Educational and Cultural Affairs (from late 1998 on)

  • Supported CODART TWEE as a project, offered active help.
  • Maintained ties with Pushkin Museum, reinforcing interest in CODART TWEE there.
  • Arranged for communication with and travel arrangements of Russian speakers at congress.
  • With Mrs. Hesseling, hosted reception for study trip at their residence, 22 March.

Mr. Jennes de Mol, Cultural Attache (until late 1998)

  • Located potential CODART members in Russia.
  • Supported initial plans for CODART TWEE.

Ms. Femke Prins, Department of Educational and Cultural Affairs

  • Carried out day-to-day implementation of Embassy support.

St. Petersburg International Center for Preservation
Trubetskoy-Naryshkin Mansion
29 Tchaikovsky St.
St. Petersburg 191194
t +7 812 327 1646
f +7 812 327 1645

Dr. Kirby Talley, Director
Keizersgracht 476/2
1017 GG Amsterdam
t +31 20 627 5675
f +1 202 342 0294

  • Attended ALPHA, offered vital suggestions for study trip.
  • Attended congress.
  • Arranged for liaison with Tatiana Alexandrova.

Ms. Tatiana Alexandrova, Associate Director

  • Received delegation of participants in study trip.
  • Showed us the Trubetskoy-Naryshkin Mansion.
  • Elucidated problems of Center.

State Museums of the Moscow Kremlin
Moscow 103073
t +7 095 202 4069
f +7 095 921 6323

Mr. Alexej Levykin, Director

  • Welcomed us to Kremlin and took leave from us at end of visit.

Ms. Olga Mironova, Chief Curator and Deputy Director
t +7 095 200 4221
f +7 095 921 6323

  • Showed us the collections of the Armory.

Stichting Cultuur Inventarisatie
Sarphatistraat 84hs
1018 GS Amsterdam
t +31 20 624 4710
f +31 20 624 4710
e Stichting Cultuur Inventarisatie

Ms. Lia Gorter*, Director

Mr. Bernard Vermet*, Associate
Maximiliaanstraat 32
Den Bosch
t +31 71 532 4541

  • Provided theme for CODART TWEE, fall 1998.
  • Maintained liaison with Russian curators.
  • Co-organized congress and study trip.
  • Attended ALPHA.
  • Provided transportation and accommodations for Russian delegates to ALPHA.
  • Drew up and contributed bibliography of catalogues of Russian collections (in progress).

Marijcke van Dongen-Mathlener, librarian

  • Co-authored bibliography with Bernard Vermet.

Margje Post, Slavist

  • Attended ALPHA, interpreted for Russian curators.

The State Hermitage Museum
Dvortsovaja nab. 34
St. Petersburg 191065
t +7 812 110 9245
f +7 812 311 9009

Dr. Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director

  • Approved full participation of Hermitage in CODART TWEE, ordered the necessary arrangements.

Dr. Roman Grigoriev*, Head of Department of Prints, Curator of Dutch and Flemish Prints
t +7 812 110 9782(O)/ 294 1953 (H) / 279 0801 (U)
f +7 812 275 5139

  • Attended ALPHA.
  • Served as prime link between CODART and Hermitage during preparations.
  • Spoke at congress, 15 March, on “The Hermitage collections of prints by Romein de Hooghe, Adriaen Schoonebeek and Pieter Pickaert.”
  • Received study trip in the print collection, 18 March, displayed tables full of the 2,000-odd items from the de Hooghe-Schoonebeek-Pickaert holdings.

Dr. Natalia Grizay*, Head of Old Masters Painting Section, Curator of Flemish Paintings
t +7 812 110 9682 / 311 8796 / 312 9794
f +7 812 312 1994

  • Showed study trip the permanent collection of Flemish paintings, of which her catalogue is underway.
  • Conferred with specialists concerning particular research issues, especially reconstruction of the Walpole collection.

Dr. Alexei Larionov*, Curator of Dutch and Flemish Drawings

  • Mounted exhibition of 70 Dutch and Flemish drawings in the Hall of Twelve Columns, opened 2 p.m. 18 March.
  • Wrote a summary catalogue of the exhibition, Dutch and Flemish old master drawings in the Hermitage: a brief history of the collection. The entire (unillustrated) booklet is in Russian and English.
  • Spoke briefly at opening of his exhibition.

Dr. Irina Linnik*, Curator of Dutch Paintings
t +7 812 323 0835

  • Offered to deliver lecture for congress, but was prevented by indisposition.
  • Greeted the study trip, 18 March, discussed research problems.

Mr. Mark Nechaev, Senior Guide
+7 812 110 9644

  • Guided the study trip through the Hermitage, morning of 18 March.

Dr. Irina Sokolova*, Head of Department of Dutch Paintings
t +7 812 110 9794/ 110 9615
f +7 812 311 9009 / 312 2262

  • Helped give shape to program at ALPHA, 30 November-1 December.
  • Spoke at congress, 15 March, on “Rembrandt as a source of inspiration in Russian art and literature.”
  • Received study trip in museum, 18 March, showing the Rembrandts of which she spoke in Amsterdam.
  • Showed above-ground reserves of Dutch and Flemish paintings.

Dr. George Vilinbakhov, Deputy Director
t +7 812 312 2971

  • Received study trip in the name of Dr. Piotrovsky, 18 March.
  • Opened exhibition of Dutch and Flemish drawings.

The State Museum Tsarskoje Selo
Sadovaja Street 7
Tsarskoje Selo
t +7 812 465 2017
f +31 465 2196

Ms. Larisa Bordovskaya*, Chief Curator

  • Provided study trip with extensive tour of restored sections of palace, .
  • Showed several rooms which are being restored and others not being restored.
  • Brought us to restoration atelier, showed how mural paintings and sculptural decorations are reconstituted and put in place.

Ms. Olga Filimonova, Assistant to the Director on International Contacts
t +7 812 466 5831

The State Russian Museum
Inzenernaya Street 4
St. Petersburg 191011
t +7 812 219 1615
f +31 812 314 4153

Ms. Raisa Daschkina, Curator of 19th-Century Painting

  • Gave study trip guided tour of permanent collection, 19 March.

Mr. Ivan Karlov, Deputy Director for Conservation and Registration
t +7 812 315 3156

  • Greeted study trip, 19 March.

The State Tretyakov Gallery
Lavrushinsky Lane
t +7 095 230 9703
f +7 095 233 1051

Dr. Galina Andreev, Head of the Department of 18th- and 19th-Century Painting

  • Gave study trip an expert tour of permanent collection, with emphasis on connections to the Netherlands in terms of collecting and influence.
  • Guided study trip through Church of St. Nicholas, now attached to the Gallery.

Voyage & Culture
Prinsengracht 783-785
1017 JZ Amsterdam
t +31 20 623 8368
f +31 20 620 2820

Mr. Paul Vigeveno, Director

  • Drafted basic plan for study trip.
  • Attended ALPHA.

Ms. Natalia Konstantinova, Senior Guide

  • Assisted with preliminary planning in Amsterdam, helped establish plan for study trip.
  • Made all appointments and arrangements for study trip, from Amsterdam but also in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • Guided the study trip personally from morning to night throughout the eight days it lasted.

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