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New Curator in the Spotlight: Adeline Collange-Perugi

In the latest edition of our Curator in the Spotlight, CODART member Adeline Collange-Perugi introduces the collection of Dutch and Flemish paintings of the Musée d’arts de Nantes. Adeline worked on the exhibition Flemish and Dutch: The Collection of the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes in 2015 and the redesign of the museum’s Flemish gallery that followed the exhibition.

The collection of the museum is based on the private collection of François Cacault, a French diplomat posted in Italy. As a result many of the Northern works in the collection are by Italianate Dutch painters such as Adriaen van der Kabel, Jan de Momper, and Pieter Mulier II. However, the Northern works in the collection range from Flemish primitives to Dutch Golden Age Painting and once even included Van Eyck’s famous Madonna in a Church, which was sold and eventually ended up in Berlin’s Gemäldegalerie.

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Curator in the Spotlight

The Curator in the Spotlight is a special feature on the CODART website that introduces one of CODART’s members and their work as a curator of Dutch and Flemish art. Every time a different curator writes about their work, projects and exhibitions, and a piece in their collection that is special to them. Recent curators in the spotlight have included Adam Eaker, Valerie Herremans, Dorota Juszcak, and Arthur K. Wheelock.

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