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Fourteen Collection Summaries of Scandinavian Museums Added to the Website

Over the last few months, we have been working with curators from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark on adding collection descriptions for the Scandinavian museums on the CODART website. Another fourteen summaries of institutions with significant holdings of Dutch and Flemish art have been added to the platform. With this addition, we continue to work towards our goal of being the best guide to Dutch and Flemish art in museums worldwide. The texts have been written exclusively for the CODART website by or in collaboration with the curators of the respective collections.

The occasion for the presentation of the Scandinavian collections is the upcoming 25th CODART Congress, which will take place next week in Stockholm. We are therefore pleased to announce that we have been able to add a summary of the collection of the Nationalmuseum, the main host of the congress, as well as many of the excursion locations, including Spökslottet, Museum De Vries at Drottningholm Palace, Hallwylska Museet and Skoklosters Slott.

In addition to Swedish museums, we have added texts about collections in Norway, Finland and Denmark to our website. These include national museums such as the Nasjonalmuseet for Kunst, Arkitektur og Design in Norway, the National Museum of Finland and the Sinebrychoff Art Museum, Finnish National Gallery in Finland, as well as the Danish Statens Museum for Kunst and Nationalhistorisk Museum at Frederiksborg. The concise and insightful texts also aim to introduce smaller or lesser-known collections that hold works of exceptional importance, such as the Nivaagaard Malerisamling in Denmark, Gustavianum, Uppsala University Museum in Sweden, and the Finland’s Pohjanmaan Museo (Ostrobothnian Museum) and Serlachius Museum Gösta.

The CODART website currently contains over 340 texts for various collections in the USA, Canada, the UK, Central Europe, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and now Scandinavia. We aim to publish collection texts for many more collections to our database. In this way, the CODART platform strives to provide easy access to Dutch and Flemish art in museums worldwide, including many smaller and lesser-known collections that hold works of exceptional importance but are not well known.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all curators and museum professionals who have contributed to the project. If you are a curator of a museum that does not yet have a summary of its collection on our website and would like to participate in this initiative, please contact us.