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New Curator in the Spotlight: Ingmar Reesing

The new Curator in the Spotlight is CODART member Ingmar Reesing. Among other things, he tells us about next year’s exhibition Candlelight and the plans to reunite Museum Gouda’s sixteenth-century altarpieces with the St John’s Church’s stained glass windows and their cartoons in 2022. St John’s Church, which has been a Protestant church for centuries, characterized by its relative austerity, will be converted back into a sixteenth-century, pre-Reformation Catholic church by reinstating the altarpieces, statues, and sixteenth century organ.  Ingmar Reesing is curator at Museum Gouda and has been a member of CODART since 2018.

Curator in the Spotlight: Ingmar Reesing>>

Curator in the Spotlight

The Curator in the Spotlight is a special feature on the CODART website that introduces one of CODART’s members and their work as a curator of Dutch and Flemish art. Every time a different curator writes about their work, projects and exhibitions, and a piece in their collection that is special to them. Recent curators in the spotlight included Robert Wenley, Maryan Ainsworth, Stephan Kemperdick and Adam Eaker.

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