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CODART forum: brainstorm with the webmaster

Tom van der Molen

The Market Table devoted to the CODART forum will investigate what subjects would be interesting and useful for the CODART forum. The webmaster will give a brief presentation of the most suitable subjects and ask the workshop participants to consider which subjects they would be interested in exploring. Possible points for discussion about the forum’s format and technique will be treated. A few weeks before the congress the participants will be asked to critically analyze at the forum (as well as other comparable forums).

About Tom van der Molen

Tom van der Molen has been CODART’s webmaster since November 2008. He studied art history at Amsterdam University, specializing in 17th-century Dutch painting. Part of his job at CODART is to devise ways of enhancing the website’s function as a 24-hour a day, borderless meeting place for CODART members. The CODART forum could play an important role in this by giving members a platform to discuss and exchange knowledge outside of congresses and study trips.