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CODART NEGEN documents & downloads

CODART NEGEN documents & downloads

CODART NEGEN congress, 12-14 March 2006, Leiden

Program (2 pp.)
Participants (3 pp.)
Network (6 pp.)

Video: CODART appears on the Dutch television program “Museumgasten”

All texts of presentations on Monday 13 March and Tuesday 14 March (33 p.)

Texts of presentations on Monday, 13 March:
– Paul Knolle, Dutch art of the 18th century (7 pp.)
– Johan ter Molen, Houses of the House of Orange (3 pp.)
– Gary Schwartz, Happy birthday, dear Rembrandt (3 pp.)
– Axel Buyse, Flemings and Brabanders in the land of Rembrandt (6 pp.)

Reports on the workshops on Monday, 13 March:
– Workshop 1: Roles of curator, restorer and management (4 pp.)
– Workshop 2: More or less: mixed presentations and their impact on curatorship (4 pp.)
– Workshop 3: Rembrandt content: What makes a good Rembrandt exhibition? (3 pp.)
– Workshop 4: Rembrandt overkill? (5 pp.)

Texts of presentations on Tuesday, 14 March:
– Ineke Middag, William Singer and America: introduction to the exhibition program (2 pp.)
– Angel Navarro, The Espigas Foundation and Dutch and Flemish art in Argentina (2 pp.)
– Peter van den Brink, The sparkling light of Willem Kalf (3 pp.)
– Martina Sitt, The museum as a forum of knowledge (2 pp.)
– Maria Ordeanu, The Brukenthal Museum Sibiu: an update (3 pp.)
– Helen Wüstefeld, Sypesteyn: a collector’s-house museum (2 pp.)

CODART NEGEN study trip to the eastern and northern provinces of the Netherlands, 14-19 March 2006

Program (4 pp.)
Participants (1 p.)
Network (7 pp.)